Trap, Neuter, Release

Our trap, neuter, release program began in 2013 to address the problem of overpopulation of feral cats in our community.  We originally purchased 12 traps; today our volunteers employ 32 traps! More than 1600 cats have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and returned to their home communities.  TNR humanely reduces the number of cats entering the local shelter and allows cats to be healthier, more welcome neighbors. 

Our Commitment

HSCC is a different kind of humane society!  Unlike most humane societies who are funded by their county, we are funded by private donors, like you, who share our mission.  Although our ultimate goal is to have an adoption facility for families to visit, we currently operate on private property that was generously donated by Judy Wyles to be used as the "home office" for HSCC.  This property houses ten 5'x10' welded wire kennels and six 10'x10' welded wire kennels all covered and on concrete as well as a separate climate-controlled kennel giving HSCC eight additional 5'x10' indoor/outdoor kennels.  We use this kennel space to temporarily house the dogs who are awaiting transport to one of our northeastern rescue partners.  We work with nearly 35 out of state rescue organizations which find loving homes for our needy Cherokee County cats and dogs.   This rescue model has proven very successful, resulting in a "save rate" far exceeding most humane societies in our area.  In fact, since 2008, HSCC has rescued more than 15,000 cats and dogs from the Cherokee County Animal Shelter, and that number continues to grow!  

So, how exaclty do we accomplish so much?  Click here to find out!

Board of directors 

  • Dr. Robin Alexander
  • Ken Moon

  • Danni Moss
  • Phil Orr
  • Beth Osment, Treasurer
  • Carleigh Ramsey
  •  Holly Rice
  • Larry Wyles  

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